KC Library Board Funding Hardwood Flooring Replacement at Fortnightly Club

The Knox County Library Board has approved funding to replace the hardwood flooring at the Vincennes Fortnightly Club. The work will happen over three days in late January and early February.
The plan is to remove the carpet from the Fortnightly floor, and replace the hardwood underneath. The hardwood would then be left as the primary floor surface at the Fortnightly.
The flooring is part of a renovation package at the Fortnightly Club. The other part of the process is updates to the restrooms at the Sixth Street building. The restroom work is also expected to be done in the early part of next year.

In other business, the Board has approved a new salary schedule for next year. The schedule includes a three-percent raise for Emily Bunyan, and a five-thousand dollar annual raise for Library attorney Drew Kopatich. The raise takes Kopatich’s annual compensation from ten-thousand to 15-thousand dollars.

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