North Knox and CFS Partner Up in Grant

The North Knox School Corporation and Children & Family Services have successfully partnered to secure $286,000 in new funding to promote mental wellness and career readiness skills for high school students.

Funds were awarded through the Family and Social Services Administration Mental Health Block Grant, under the Division of Mental Health and Addictions to facilitate and implement new or expanded services for youth transitioning to adult status in communities across the state.

The program is to assist those ages 14 to 26, with successfully transitioning to pro-social adult responsibilities and careers while building sustainable mental wellness.North Knox and Children and Family Services have worked together to design a model that aims to add additional mental health services at North Knox High School as well as create health promotion campaigns related to mental wellness, deliver comprehensive training and implementation of prevention services by a shared team of facilitators,and create a college and career preparedness center.

According to officials, the partnership is designed to develop practical and positive skills needed to move on from high school and to the community.