Lawrence County Illinois Board Approves Fee Structure

The Lawrence County Illinois Board has approved a state-mandated fee assessment structure for criminal cases. The assessment structure will be handled and charged by the Lawrence County Clerk’s office, starting July first. The new fee structure is part of the Illinois State Criminal and Traffic Assessment Act.
Thirteen different schedules will be set for various criminal, traffic, non-traffic, and conservation offenses. The Board approved the mandated schedule unanimously.


The Lawrence County Board approved low bids for both the county and township use of Illinois’ motor fuel tax revenue.
On the County level, Emulsicoat of Urbana, Illinois bid 90-thousand dollars for 50-thousand gallons of road material. On the township level, three groups– Emulsicoat, the Mount Carmel Stabilization Group, and Allendale Gravel– put in bids for 104-thousand dollars. The bids will cover work in Allison, Bond, Lawrence, and Lukin townships. All the bids were accepted unanimously.

In other business, the Board approved an annual pass-through of 49-thousand, 500 dollars. The money will come from the Industrial Development Council to the County. County officials will now give it to the University of Illinois Extension office.


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