New Dates Set for Town Conventions in Wheatland, Edwardsport

Two of the three town conventions have altered their schedules, due to a required change of venue.
Both the Edwardsport and Wheatland conventions can’t use their original locations, and have to find other venues. Both planned to use their township fire stations, but now learned they can’t, since it is a partisan event. It was learned the use of the stations could affect the departments’ non-profit status.
The Edwardsport Town Board convention will keep Thursday as its convention date. However, it will now be held at the Edwardsport Town Hall. The date in Wheatland has now been re-set to Tuesday, August 20th at the Wheatland Town Hall.
The convention in Monroe City will be held as scheduled tonight. That will start at six p-m at the Blue Jeans Center cafeteria.

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