Two Hour Debate Ends in One Month Delay on Bicknell Agreement

After two hours of public discussion and debate, the Knox County Council voted 6-1 to delay a decision on an interlocal agreement with the City of Bicknell. The agreement would allow the Knox County Sheriff’s Department to provide around the clock service for Bicknell. The Bicknell City Council approved the agreement on a 4-1 vote on August fifth.
Councliman Tim Crowley requested the one-month delay. Crowley believes it is the only way to give to give the issue proper study…

The lone vote against a delay was from Council president Bob Lechner. Lechner feels the issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible…

The agreement calls for Knox County Sheriff’s deputies to join a single Bicknell police officer in patrolling the City. In discussion last night, Bicknell Mayor Tom Estabrook told Council members the arrangement is needed, due to problems staffing the Department. Lydia Duncan led the opposition; she said in her view, the City of Bicknell has done nothing to try to save the Police Department as an independent agency. Various Bicknell residents also spoke on both sides of the issue.
The agreement will be considered during the three days of Council budget hearings next month. The exact time for the agreement to be considered will be set at a later time.

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