Both Indiana and Illinois In Top Half of Paid vs. Received Tax Survey

Both Indiana and Illinois are in the top half of the country when it comes to taxes paid verses services received.

In the survey, Indiana ranked 16th overall while Illinois was 24th.

Indiana was 22nd in taxes paid per capita while 19th in services received. Illinois was 27th in taxes paid while 23rd in services received.

The top 5 states on the survey were New Hampshire, Florida, South Dakota, Virginia, and Missouri. At the bottom were Hawaii, New Mexico, California, North Dakota, and New York.

Massachusetts had the best school system according to the survey. Tennessee had the best roads and bridges. Vermont had the best hospital system. Maine has the lowest violent crime rate. Minnesota had the best water quality. New Hampshire had the lowest amount of residents in poverty.

The survey also mentioned taxpayers in republican controlled states received a better ROI than in democratically controlled states.

To see the full survey, check out the link below.