GSH Men’s Health Fair Set for September 29th

The Good Samaritan Hospital will hold its annual Men’s Health Fair on Tuesday, September 29th.  This year’s event will be held from seven to ten a-m, and four to seven p-m.

This year’s event will focus on health screenings only.  Those screenings include blood pressure, colorectal take home kits, and blood draws.  Those draws will be for blood sugar, lipid profile, kidney function, and prostate cancer.  Ten to twelve hours of fasting for the blood draw is recommended, but not required.  All those attending will be required to mask up.

Pre-registration will be required this year, due to pandemic-related concerns.  The pre-registration will be through the Good Samaritan Hospital website, or by calling 812-885-3336.   Here is the Website for more information:

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