KC Commissioners Set Out 17 Projects for EDIT Consideration in Next 3 Years

     The Knox County Commissioners laid out 17 separate capital projects for economic development funding the next three years.  The Commissioners laid out the list at last night’s Commissioners’ session at the Knox County Courthouse.
          The biggest plans include I-T support, interlocal agreements, support for the Pantheon Business Theater project, various road projects, and expansion of the Knox County Jail.  Overall, the funding will depend on approval of the fund use by the Knox County Council.
           One of the covered projects is the expansion of Elkhorn Road.  INDOT officials plan to let the contract in July of next year.  The project itself is 80 percent funded by INDOT, with County officials picking up the other 20 percent.  Knox County officials will pay the full amount of engineering and inspection fees.
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