Surge of Covid Cases Turns Knox County From Blue to Orange Status

A surge in Knox County Covid cases has turned the county from blue to orange.  The County has jumped from the lowest Covid alert to the second-highest, due to a large increase in cases.

Knox County Health Department director Alan Stewart believes the new cases are directly related to the Delta Covid variant.  He also advises everyone that some people are getting a milder case of the Delta Covid illness, even if they are vaccinated.

Dr. Stewart also gives a couple of recommendations for the general public to slow down or stop community spread of the Delta variant.  He continues to request getting a Covid vaccination to guard against the Delta variant; he also recommends masking in high-traffic areas.  Stewart also expects to require masking in Knox County classrooms with the beginning of the coming school year.  Finally,  Dr. Stewart is recommending limited visitors and masking at the County’s health care centers.

The move from blue to orange is due to large numbers of Covid cases in the last few days.  Knox County’s positive Covid percentage is in double digits, and double-digit cases of Covid have appeared in the county since the beginning of the week.

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