When-  The Party will be on November 13th from 10a-noon


Where- Blossom Hill off of Bierhaus Blvd in Vincennes


How to Register-  You can register at our sponsor locations. (listed below)


When you hear your name on WZDM you will have 30 minutes to call 812-885-2610 to get officially qualified…  Invitations will be sent via mail.  ALL ATTENDEES MUST HAVE AN INVITATION!  NO PLUS ONES


Sponsor locations-


Oui Aesthetics & Wellness 115 N 2nd St


I’mpressed Coffee – 1911 N 6th St


RSC Superstore – 1704 Hart St

Lydias-927 N 7th St in Vincennes


Pretty Posies- 315 Main St in in downtown Vincennes


Gracie’s Restaurant – 711 Main St


Mads & Abby Boutique – 317 Main St downtown Vincennes


Pearl & Chrome – 309 Main St in downtown Vincennes